Annual Fund

Look at what you can do with your coffee money!

The Give a Latte Campaign is a new donor program that is raising money for student scholarships at Kettering College. 

We will keep track of your gifts and give you regular updates on exactly what your financial gifts have provided for the students at Kettering College.

For more information, call Kathy Keyes at (937) 395-8607.

Levels of Giving

The Coffee Clutch - $30

Meeting a friend for coffee? Three lattes a week for a month

The Daily Grind - $60

The 9-5 pick-me-up? Five lattes a week for a month

Uncommon Ground - $100

Organic, fair-trade, shade-grown speciality coffee? Monthly supply

The Afficionado - $200

Love it? Cappuccino in the morning, lattes during the day, espresso after dinner

The Home Barista - $500

The top-rate espresso machine and gourmet beans keep you busy!

My Own Blend - $

I prefer tea but would love to give to kc!

updated 6/9/09