Academic Quality Improvement Program - AQIP

updated 4/24/13

Office of AQIP Liasion
3737 Southern Blvd.
Kettering, OH 45429
Contact: Randi Quale

Frequently asked questions about AQIP

What is AQIP?
AQIP is the Academic Quality Improvement Program, an alternative evaluation process for organizations already accredited by the Higher Learning Commission  of the North Central Association to reaffirm accredited status. AQIP is structured around quality improvement principles and processes and involves a structured set of goal-setting, networking, and accountability activities.

Self-awareness is as critical for organizations as it is for individuals. Like traditional accreditation processes, AQIP champions the idea that self-assessment lays the foundation for institutional vitality and improvement. Within AQIP, a variety of mechanisms promote institutional stocktaking. Preparing and maintaining a Systems Portfolio— and obtaining expert feedback on it from a Systems Appraisal every four years — is a central fixture. An institution's annually updating AQIP on the progress and achievement of its Action Projects provides a method of annual self-assessment. Strategy Forums offer opportunities for self-assessment conducted in an atmosphere where observations and ideas from peers stimulate thoughtful self-analysis.

Why is regional accreditation important?

Accreditation provides public certification of acceptable institutional quality. Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission and by other nationally recognized agencies provides assurance to the public, in particular to prospective students, that an organization has been found to meet the agency’s clearly stated requirements and criteria.

What are Action Projects?

 AQIP quality improvement efforts are realized at each institution through work on a continuous series of Action Projects.  The projects are identified and articulated by the institution to address opportunities for improvement.  Successfully completed projects accumulate into a visible record of the institution’s quality improvement activities over time. AQIP asks institutions to always have underway and share with AQIP at least three Action Projects. Kettering College reports its progress to the Higher Learning Commission annually. 

What are the Kettering College AQIP projects?

The Kettering College AQIP projects are:


Active -

Completed -


How often does the reaccreditation process take place?
Every seven years, AQIP reviews and reaffirms the accredited status of participating Commission-accredited organizations.

AQIP at Kettering College

Responsibility for coordinating activities pertaining to Higher Learning Commission accreditation is assigned to the Kettering College Assessment and Accreditation Committee. The AQIP liaison (Randi Quale) chairs the committee. The Dean for Assessment and Learning Support (Beverly Cobb) and the Senior Information Officer (Jim Nesbit) are ex-officio members of the committee.  Other committee members for 2012-2013 are: Ron Bowers, Becky McDonald, Amy Jauch, Jane Nesbit, Margaret Rodenburg, Dan Schoun and Tracy Taylor. The Dean for Academic Affairs (William G. Nelson) is a standing invitee.

What is my role in the AQIP Accreditation process?
Every member of the campus community should take time to review and familiarize themselves with AQIP because the success of the college hinges on everybody being an active participant in maintaining a quality educational institution.