Kettering College's Quality Journey


KCMA began considering whether AQIP was appropriate, would it be a "good fit"?

January 2007

Special General Assembly called.  Voted overwhelmingly in favor of AQIP

April 2007

Attended first Strategy Forum--team included Dr. Scriven, President; Phil Analoague, Board Member; Beverly Cobb, Jennilou Grotevant, Joyce Grube, Renee Kirkman, and Jim Nesbit. At the Strategy Forum, the team identified three initial action projects:

  • Implement online registration
  • Develop and implement a plan for the assessment of the institutional outcome, critical thinking.
  • Implement the new college governance system
January 2008

Faculty/staff pizza party to share what was learned at the Strategy Forum and encourage sing-up for membership on action project teams.


First three action projects declared:

  • Implementation of online registration--4/2008-10/2009
  • Assessment of critical thinking-- 7/2008-10/2011
  • Implementation of governance--7/2008-9/2009

Systems portfolio workshop in Columbus--Ohio AQIP Coalition

College Governance Committees working on categories for systems portfolio

November faculty forum focused on AQIP, awareness & updates

First portfolio category drafts shared with Katy Marre (our AQIP consultant) for her comments & advice

Governance & On-line registrations action projects completed

Assessment of Ethical Behavior and Uniform Advising projects declared


Systems Portfolio work continued

Computer Resources for Students action project declared

June 1, 2011

Systems Portfolio submitted to the Higher Learning Commission and posted on the College web site

September 2011
Computer Resources for Students action project completed
October 2011


Systems Appraisal (feedback from Systems Portfolio) received

Began processing feedback, looking at opportunities for improvement and preparing for second strategy forum. 

College committees charged with work on appropriate category      feedback

Assessment of Ethical Behavior and Assessment of Critical Thinking projects completed

Assessment of institutional outcome - Communication and Learning Management System action projects declared

February 2012

Second Strategy Forum

Team: Charles Scriven, President; Beverly Cobb, Jennilou Grotevant, Benjamin Navia, David Price, Susan Price, Randi Quale, Robin Vanderbilt.

Team identified opportunity for increased peer collaboration throughout the organization

May 2012
AQIP summit planned by Strategy Forum team.  All faculty and staff were invited to a day long AQIP workshop/brainstorming session/celebration to explore the possibilities for increased participation in AQIP activities and ways to increase peer collaboration. 
September 2012
Quality Check-up Visit
October 2012

 The Commission sent a "Systems Appraisal Feedback Report" which stated that Kettering College "complies with each of the Five Criteria for Accreditation and each of their Core Components."

Uniform Advising and Learning Management System action projects completed.

Managing Action Projects and Enhancing Peer Collaboration action projects declared.

December 2012  The HLC Institutional Actions Council concurred with the evaluation findings following the AQIP Quality Check-Up Visit in September and voted to continue the accreditation of Kettering College with the next reaffirmation of accreditation in 2019-20.
January-February 2013
College assessed benefits of switching to Open Pathway mode of accreditation.
February 2013
Move to Open Pathway approved by College Board. Request sent to the Higher Learning Commission.
March 2013 Switch to Open Pathway approved by HLC.