B.S. in Health Sciences Curriculum

Arts & Sciences degree core
(18-19 hours to meet core requirements)
These courses may be taken at Kettering College or may be transferred from other schools. See the Transfer Credit section of this website for more information.
Humanities (6 hours)  
Elective courses    
Religion (6 hours)  
RELP 306 Spiritual Dimensions of Death and Dying 3
RELP 316 Spirituality in Healing and Health Care 3
Mathematics (4 hours)  
MATH 215 Probability and Statistics 3/4
Social Sciences (3 hours)  
SOCI 375 Cultural Diversity in Health Care 3
Natural Sciences (3 hours)  
BIOL 263 Sectional Anatomy 3
  (advanced imaging tracks only, unless previously taken)  
Health sciences courses: 18 hours in HESC core, required emphasis courses (see below), and 6 additional elective courses, depending on emphasis. Advanced imaging has more credit hours due to certificate requirements. Elective credits are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Health Sciences core courses
(18 hours required)
HESC 300 Introduction to Health Sciences Program 1
HESC 310 Health Care Economics and Finance 3
HESC 318 Introduction to Health Professions Research 3
HESC 340 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Health Care 3
HESC 348 Concepts of Management and Leadership in Health Care 3
HESC 415 Health Care Informatics Applications for Health Professions 1
HESC 435 Community Health Perspectives 3
HESC 481 Capstone/Senior Project 1
Health Sciences management emphasis
(9 hours required)
HESC 421 Health Care Personnel Management 3
HESC 448 Leadership Theory in Health Care 3
HESC 451 Interdisciplinary Team Practice in Community-Based Care 3
Health Sciences education emphasis
(9 hours required)
HESC 430 Instructional Planning and Delivery 3
HESC 431 Teaching Learners in Health Care 3
HESC 432 Professional Development in Health Care 3
Health Sciences sonography emphasis
(9 hours required; must have AS degree in diagnostic medical sonography)
HESC 430 Instructional Planning and Delivery 3
  - OR -    
HESC 448 Leadership Theory in Health Care 3
MESO 400 Advanced Project in Sonography I 3
MESO 401 Advanced Project in Sonography II 3
Health Sciences advanced imaging emphasis
(sectional anatomy and ARRT registration required to enter this major; for more information, visit the Bachelor's Completion in Advanced Imaging section of this site)
ADIM 300 CT Theory 3
ADIM 304 Practicum (CT) 4
ADIM 328 Clinical Aspects of CT 3
ADIM 303 MRI Theory 4
ADIM 314 Practicum (MRI) 4
ADIM 428 Clinical Aspects of MRI 3
ADIM 310 Angiography I 3
ADIM 324 Practicum III (vascular interventional technology) 4
ADIM 410 Angiography II 4
ADIM 434 Practicum IV (cardiovascular interventional technology) 4
RESA 320 Cardiopulmonary Monitoring 3
ADIM 395 Variable Independent Clinical
Health Sciences respiratory care emphasis
(9 hours required; for more information, visit the Respiratory Care section of this site)
RESA 310 Cardiopulmonary Assessment 3
RESA 311 Advanced Practice in Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care 3
RESA 320 Cardiopulmonary Monitoring 3
RESA 321 Pediatric Respiratory Care Case Management 3
RESA 495 Independent Study 3
Additional Health Sciences electives
(6 hours required)
Electives are available based on the emphasis and health profession of the student. Advisors will assist the student in choosing the best curriculum emphasis, based on past health professional experience and future career planning.
Management, education, sonography, respiratory care emphases 51-52
Advanced Imaging:  

Option 1: CT, MRI 21


Option 2: VIT, CIT 18


Option 3: VIT, CT 17


Option 4: VIT, MRI 18