Financial Aid Timeline & Checklist


  • Submit FAFSA after student and parents (for dependent students) tax returns are completed (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online to the Dept of Education (
  • Submit Kettering College Financial Aid Application to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Financial Aid office will send out document tracking latter to students who submit FAFSA information if additional documents are required.
  • The processed FAFSA and Kettering College Financial Aid Application must be in our office by March 31st in order to meet priority deadline. By meeting priority deadline, you will be considered for campus-based aid including Perkins Loans and Nursing Loans. If you do not meet priority deadline, you may still apply for federal aid by submitting your Kettering College Financial Aid Application and completing your FAFSA. You may file your FAFSA online. In order to help you plan, the typical turn-around times for FAFSA processing are as follows:
    • FAFSA online ( 3 to 5 business days from confirmation stamp date
    • Renewal FAFSA online signed using your FSA ID. The FSA ID, which is a username and password, has replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN and must be used to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites.


  • Financial Aid Office will continue sending out Document Tracking Letters to students from whom we require additional documents.
  • Return all completed documents to the Financial Aid Counselor – Melissa Franklin - in the Financial Aid Office at Kettering College. Please do not ignore any requests for documentation as this may delay your financial aid. We cannot finish  processing your file until we have all requested documents.
  • Financial aid priority deadline is March 31st (see above).


  • College begins to mail award letters to students with complete files. Award Letters are sent out on a first come, first served basis. You must be admitted to Kettering College in order to receive an Award Letter.
  • First time students at Kettering College are required to make a downpayment of $800, or have financial aid in place that equals or exceeds your tuition and fee bill, at the time of registration.
  • Return award letters to Shannon Hammons in the Financial Aid Office at Kettering College indicating if you intend to accept or reject the award.
  • You may begin contacting Alternative Loan companies if the financial aid awarded to you is not sufficient to cover tuition and/or living expenses. Alternative Loans are loans from private companies who offer students educational loans based upon credit rating and/or debt to income ratio. A form will be sent to you from the financial aid office with the maximum amount you may request (pending credit approval) with the award letter. The maximum amount a student may request is based upon a standard budget that includes living expenses and the exact cost of tuition and fees for each student, minus all other financial aid. It is advantageous to shop around as each company offers different combinations of interest rates and origination fees, depending upon credit rating. Applying with a creditworthy co-signer will usually allow you to obtain a better interest rate with a lower origination fee. The borrower is responsible for returning any and all required documents to the LENDER (not Kettering College) including a self-certification form. Kettering College recommends using the self-certification form given by your lender. Lenders cannot release funds until they have received this form from the borrower. Do not turn the form in to the financial aid office. If you need a blank form, or need assistance completing the form please contact the financial aid office. The financial aid office is not responsible for interest rates and/or credit approval.


  • First time Federal Direct and/or PLUS Loan borrowers who chose to accept those awards will be asked to fill out a Master Promissory Note online at
  • First time Federal Direct Loan borrowers at Kettering College also must complete an Entrance Counseling session online by going to
  • Contact Sarah Shultz in the Student Accounts Office at KC for employment information if you are interested in receiving Federal Work Study.


  • Most financial aid will be applied to your student account. Kettering College does not charge you for courses until the 100% refund period is over. Accordingly, financial aid will not be posted to your student account until after the 100% refund period is over and you have been charged for tuition and fees. (Please refer to Kettering College school calendar for last day to drop a class with a 100% refund). No financial aid can be posted until all necessary documentation and paperwork has been supplied to the financial aid office and your file is complete.
  • There is a 30-day waiting period for first time Direct loan borrowers at Kettering College which means that Direct loans will not be posted for first time borrowers until at least thirty (30) days into the term.
  • To check on your student account and financial aid please go to your Student Portal at
  • Stay in contact with Financial Aid personnel regarding your financial aid file.