Commencement 2016

Graduation has almost arrived!

Graduation has almost arrived!

The faculty, staff, and administration of Kettering College excitedly anticipate your upcoming graduation! Plans are underway for an enjoyable and memorable graduation event at the Dayton Convention Center on Saturday, April 30, 2016, at 8 p.m.

 You, graduate, are the focus of our celebration. We welcome your family and friends who will join us. 

The KC administration and your marshals ask for your cooperation to help make this event run smoothly for everyone. Here are some suggestions which will help to that end:

•  Show up ready to go at the assigned time for graduation

•  Please visit  to order your graduation regalia.  The deadline to place order is April 15, 2016.  Your order will ship directly to your home address

•   Graduation announcements can be ordered by visiting  There will be also a display on the table outside the Registrar’s office.  While there is no deadline to order, the order will take approximately 7 – 10 business to arrive.

• Be aware of decorum expectations appropriate to this occasion for both you and your guests. Our desire is to affirm all graduates in a positive fashion rather than to have individuals celebrated in awkward ways.

Please note the following expectations:

  • Applause is certainly appropriate.
  • The use of air horns and silly string is prohibited. Please communicate this to your guests. Air horns have been the subject of complaints from graduate families in past years and silly string has caused damage to the fabric of clothing and auditorium seating.
  • Refrain from adding decorations, flowers, or messages to your gown or mortarboard. Remember that the focus of this event is academic achievement.
  • Encourage your friends and family to stay for the entire ceremony in courtesy to all graduates.
  • Visit the bookstore/registrar’s offices table at the Dayton Convention Center when you first arrive to pick up your honor cords and for help with any last minute questions.
  • Remember that graduation is a college-sponsored event: No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any of the college dedication ceremonies or at graduation.
  • During line-up before graduating, you should have the tassel on the right.
  • A professional photo of you shaking the President’s hand as you receive your diploma will be mailed to you.
  • We are soliciting photos of you and your classmates for a slideshow which will be shown at graduation. Please drop your photos at Password: grad2016
  • Passes for free parking will be available for you and your family at graduation.

Also check your campus email for updates. Important information will be sent out in the 2 weeks prior to graduation. 

If you have general questions, please contact one of the graduation marshals:, or

If you have grades or academic records questions regarding graduation, contact

Thank you for respecting these guidelines. We need your help to make graduation a wonderful event for everyone.Ruth Abbott, Ph.D.


Dr. Ruth Abbott, PhD, MSN, RN            Dr. Loren Agrey, PhD., MEd

Dean for Academic Affairs                      Dean of Academic Affairs