Mentee Questionnaire

Hello! If you are interested in being connected with a student mentor, please take a few minutes and answer the following questions. The questions are designed to help determine if you could benefit from having a mentor. There are no right or wrong answers. After you have completed the questions, you will be contacted by Kettering College to take the next steps in matching you with a mentor. Thank you!
First Name *
Last Name *
Major/Area of Study *
E-mail *
Phone Number *
What does a Mentor do?
Help me with my homework
Do all my homework for me
Help me succeed in college
Which statement best represents your idea of what mentoring should be?
I will see what the mentor has to offer and then decide
I am hoping my mentor will be my new best friend
I am hoping to learn effective study skills
Are you willing to meet 1-2 hours per week with a student mentor?
If I can’t meet with my mentor on one of my scheduled times,
He or she will understand if I don’t show up
He or she will study while they wait for me
I need to call as soon I realize I can’t make it
Do you plan to attend all of your classes this semester or will you need to miss some classes due to scheduling conflicts with work and family?
Will miss some classes due to current schedule
Plan to attend all classes
Which statement best describes how you envision a successful mentor relationship?
Be open minded and willing to learn new study skills
Show up for all meetings scheduled by my mentor
Take good notes on what my mentor tells me to do
The best reason to get a mentor is:
It will improve my GPA
I won’t have to work as hard if a mentor is helping me
I have too much time between classes
What expectations do you have for a mentor relationship?
Helps me to manage my time effectively
Writes down all of my weekly tasks for me
Tells me what to study for a test
How will you react to suggestions from your mentor?
I will try not to get too serious about what my mentor has to say. It is only an opinion.
I will accept the positive feedback, but reject the negative because my mentor will not understand my individual situation
I will try to make changes in my study habits as suggested by my mentor
In which of the following areas do you need mentoring the most?
Time management/study skills