Nursing Education at Kettering College


Kettering College's nursing department is dedicated to educating highly skilled and caring health care professionals in a Christian environment. The nursing program at Kettering has been preparing men and women to be nurses for more than thirty years.


Kettering College's philosophy of teaching promotes active student participation in learning and reflective awareness of individual learning needs. Students are encouraged to develop character and citizenship through serving humanity, thus making a genuine difference in the lives of others.


Many employees seek Kettering's graduates because of their strong clinical and academic background -- as well as their commitment to caring for the whole person. Nurses graduating from Kettering College are exemplary professionals.


The nursing faculty of Kettering College believes that humans receive life as a gift from God and are therefore in a dynamic relationship with their Creator in order to become whole. Through God's nurturing acceptance, God allows humans to exercise free will in making choices throughout the life span. The faculty in the Division of Nursing has identified the concepts of humans, environment, health, and nursing as central to the profession of nursing. Nursing practice is an art and a science that involves enabling individuals, families, and communities to attain mutually established health goals relative to their health status.

Communication, critical reasoning, and decision-making through a problem-solving process are crucial to both the art and science of nursing. Christian caring enhances movement toward the maintenance, promotion, and restoration of health.

Nursing education draws on the theories of education and principles of learning to provide a learner-centered environment conducive to growth and change.