Off-Campus Library Access

Current Kettering College students, faculty, and staff are able to access library resources from off-campus.  Click the link to the resource you want to access.  A login screen will display

Students: enter your Student Portal user name and password
Faculy and Staff: enter your network user name and password

Other Off Campus Access Options:

Option 1: Access via Wright State University Libraries website for shared OhioLINK resources

  • The first time you click a link for a library resource on the WSU Libraries website, a login sceen will display requesting your name and ID#.
    • Student ID#:  last five digits of your student ID#  + last for digits of your SSN
    • Facutly/staff ID#: last 5 digits of your employee ID#
    • The following resources cannot be accessed off-campus through the Wright State University Website
      • The Cochrane Library
      • Ulrichsweb
      • UpToDate
      • KC Online Journals
    • Not all resources on the Wright State University Libraries Website are available to KC patrons.

Option 2: Access through OhioLINK

  1. Access the OhioLINK Get Authenticated form
  2. On the Institution Selection Form, click the down arrow, highlight Wright State University and for branch select Kettering College , then click Submit.
  3. On the OhioLINK Authentication Form, enter your name and your ID#, then click Submit.
    Student ID#:  last five digits of your student ID#  + the last 4 digits of your SSN; Faculty/staff ID#: last five digits of your employee ID#
  4. You will receive a message verifying that you have been authenticated.
  5. Authentication is good for 2 hours; if you need more time, re-authenticate.
  6. Note: You must be validly registered in the KC the library system to use this service.
  7. If you have problems with authentication
    • Access Remote Authentication Help  for more information about this service.
    • Call the Library for assistance at (937) 395-8053, #6, or email Kathy Salgado at