Not seeking a degree, but want to take a class?
(PTC - Permission to Take Classes)

If you do not desire to earn a degree but would like to take a class, this option may be for you. If:
  • You are registered at another college or university and wish to take a class at Kettering College without becoming a permanent student on our campus - OR -
  • You need to take a certain course to qualify for certification - OR -
  • You just want to take an enrichment course - OR -
  • You want to attend Kettering College but your past academic records are either unavailable for review or do not adequately prove your abilities

This is what you need to do:

  1. Complete your application online or print a hard copy to send by mail. (The paper version has a $25 application fee, which is waived if you apply online instead.)

  2. Complete and return the student personal statement form. You can submit your form online or download a PDF of the form to send in via mail. Essays are used to assess writing abilities and are graded for content.
  3. Provide a copy of your transcripts from your highest level of education completed. Click here for more information on requesting transcripts.

updated 12/9/09