Vaughan-Beaven Service Learning Program

Who are Vaughan/Beaven Scholars?

Anna May Vaughan and Winton Beaven were founders of Kettering College and the earliest proponents of our standards of academic excellence and commitment to service.

A pioneer in international nursing mission service in Africa and the Far East, Anna May Vaughan was one of the founders of Kettering College and first director of an academic nursing degree in the 

Greater Dayton area; she advised during the development of the nursing program at Sinclair Community College.

Winton H. Beaven has had a distinguished service oriented career that has spanned seven decades and almost as many continents. His main areas are in the field of education where his positions have ranged from teacher to college president. Being in this arena has also allowed him to branch into many related disciplines and through them either directly or indirectly touch many lives. Through his spoken and written words, Dr. Beaven's idea of service will continue to have an influence for years to come.

Winton Beaven was the College's initial provost and served on numerous boards committed to social service and educational development in the Greater Dayton Area. Today, the College awards the Winton H. Beaven Award for Community Service annually to those community leaders who have changed our community in positive ways.

Vaughan/Beaven students participate in a curriculum that explores and stimulates critical analysis of the service needs of various local, regional, national and global communities.

Service learning combines community service with explicit academic learning objectives, preparation and intellectual reflection. Kettering College creates opportunities for service learning in the Vaughan/Beaven Service Learning Honors Program as well as throughout our entire curriculum.