Spiritual Identity

The spiritual identity of the college serves as a foundation of our mission and affects the life of the college in both academics and general campus life. We believe it is important for individuals who consider attending kc to know about the spiritual heritage and beliefs in order to make an informed decision about enrolling at kc.

Four themes guide our spiritual understandings and provide a basis for the spiritual outcomes we desire for our graduates.

Theme One: Relationship with God through Jesus
Our world began perfectly. Humankind, created by a loving God who desired us to be in relationship with Him, was enabled with the power of choice. We chose rebellion and separation. In response Christ came to our imperfect world-a world affected by pain, suffering and death-to put us back into relationship with God. Jesus wanted to show humankind the depth of love that God the Father has for us. Through Jesus, God made His love to us real, tangible and compelling. Jesus' death, freely offered, and His subsequent resurrection removed the barriers separating us from God and opened the way for complete and full restoration to God.

God's character, evidenced in the life of Jesus, is recorded in the Bible. God gave us this book so that we could know Him intimately. He longs for us to choose to be in relationship with Him and to make the decision to trust Him. God hasprivileged us to be able to know Him who is the source of life, so that we, in turn, can help bring healing and restoration to a broken world.

Theme Two: Character Formation
Jesus provided a perfect model of how to live a life of integrity, trustworthiness and commitment to Godly purposes. By knowing Him, we can be increasingly free from past patterns, habits, and genetic influences, enabling us to access a transforming experience that develops noble, Godly characters in our lives. Our resulting ability to think and behave more like God's original intentions for His creatures makes us caring citizens of our communities, personally devoted health care professionals, and healthy, vibrant human beings.

Theme Three: Service to Others
Jesus also provided a perfect model of how to love others. We, ourselves, are incapable of loving perfectly except that we exist in connection with God. By knowing God our lives will be characterized by service because we love others and want to bring them into a transforming experience with the God who has loved us extravagantly. Having been set free from guilt, fear, sin and death by the work of Jesus on our behalf, we are set free to lovingly serve others in the name of God.

Theme Four: A Whole Person View
Our lives-mind, body and spirit-must themselves be whole in order to be of service to others. As God created our bodies and spirits as inseparable, a healthy spirit affecting our body and an ill body affecting our spirit, so we seek physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for ourselves and for those for whom we care. One avenue of grace through which God makes us whole is the Sabbath. God created the Sabbath to remind us of our need to be in connection with Him, our Creator, and to restore wholeness in our lives. The Sabbath helps us balance our responsibilities and grow in relationship to Him, our families and others that we serve. We strive for wholeness, as we can most effectively teach others when we model wholeness in our own lives.