Transfer Credit Information

Kettering College reviews all official transcripts received for individuals who are admitted to the College and will notify the student in writing of what credits are approved for transfer. Approval is valid for one year from date of approval, unless otherwise specified.  Individuals may appeal to the transfer evaluation committee to have the transcript re-evaluated by completing a course evaluation request form. The transfer evaluation committee has final authority over determining all transfer credit.

Kettering College reviews complete applicant files when applicants are transferring pre-requisites for entry directly into a specified program (Medical Sonography, Radiology, and Bachelor of Nursing Prelicensure).  

Once matriculated, Kettering College students are expected to take their remaining courses at Kettering College. Prospective students who plan to enroll at another institution are required to complete the course evaluation request form and submit it to the transfer evaluation committee before enrolling in courses to ensure transferability of a course. Course descriptions should be attached to the course evaluation request for each course listed. Send the form to:


ATTN: Transfer Evaluation Committee

Records Office

Kettering College

3737 Southern Boulevard

Kettering, OH  45429

Upon approval, the committee will send written notification of what credits are pre-approved for transfer.  Due to the evaluation process, which requires the transfer evaluation committee’s approval, telephone requests to determine courses that would potentially transfer cannot be honored.  Once a student is admitted to Kettering College, all official transcript(s) will be evaluated, and the student will be notified in writing about any approved transfer credit. Prospective students who have applied and submitted all required documents for the applicant file, but want direct entry into specific programs wills also be evaluated for transfer credit.  

For questions regarding transfer credit, contact the record’s office at (937) 395-6615.