Tuition & Fees

Financial Information for Students
2016-17 Academic Year

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Undergraduate Studies:


Tuition (includes general, technology and certain lab fees)

$492/credit hour

Allied Health Program Fee* (see below for program fee exemptions)


          Nursing Program Fee* (see below for program fee exemptions)




Master of Physician Assistant Studies:


2015 Cohort Tuition 


2016 Cohort Tuition


Equipment and Software




Doctorate of Occupational Therapy

2015 Cohort Tuition


2016 Cohort Tuition

Residence Hall: 


   Double Occupancy (two-semester lease contract required)


   Single Occupancy (two-semester lease contract required)


Estimates are based on averages. Many programs have additional fees that are listed and explained in the current year bulletin. Some programs require summer attendance. Please refer to the Academic Bulletin for specific program of study requirements. Financial aid may be available to part-time and full-time students.  

Programs Financial information reflects tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 academic year only. Tuition is payable by the published deadlines as listed in the Class Schedule.

* Undergraduate program fee exemptions (studies without clinical requirements): all certificate programs; Associate of Science majors - preacceptance semesters; Bachelor of Science majors - preacceptance semesters, online completion degrees, and Human Biology.