Tuition & Fees

Financial Information for Students
2015-16 Academic Year

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Undergraduate Studies:


Tuition (includes general, technology and certain lab fees)

$456/credit hour

Program Fee* (see below for program fee exemptions)


          Nursing Program Fee* (see below for program fee exemptions)




Master of Physician Assistant Studies:


2014 Cohort Tuition 


2015 Cohort Tuition


Equipment and Software




Doctorate of Occupational Therapy

2015 Cohort Tuition



Residence Hall:


   Double Occupancy (two-semester lease contract required)


   Single Occupancy (two-semester lease contract required)


Financial information reflects tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 academic year only. Tuition is payable by the published deadlines as listed in the Class Schedule.

* Undergraduate program fee exemptions (studies without clinical requirements): all certificate programs; Associate of Science majors - preacceptance semesters; Bachelor of Science majors - preacceptance semesters, online completion degrees, and Human Biology.